Featured Projects

A significant portion of our work entails undertaking peer reviews, research and strategy development, providing technical advice on implementation of Water Sensitive Design and Green Infrastructure, stakeholder consultation and planning reviews. The following are a selection of projects that Koru Enironmental has, and/or continues to work on:

Activating WSUD in New Zealand

Co-operative research partner with NIWA, Manaaki Whenua Landcare Research and Batstone Associates for "Activating WSUD in NZ". Research topics included life cycle costs of green infrastructure, green roof case studies, alternative funding strategies and benefits of green infrastructure.

Funded by: The National Science Challenge for Building Better Homes, Towns and Cities

Research outputs: https://www.landcareresearch.co.nz/discover-our-research/environment/sustainable-society-and-policy/activating-water-sensitive-urban-design-for-healthy-resilient-communities/



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Life Cycle Cost Models for Auckland’s Freshwater Management Tool

The development of the life cycle cost model for urban and rural stormwater structural and source control interventions for Auckland Council’s (AC) Freshwater Management Tool.

Client: Auckland Council

Project outputs: https://www.knowledgeauckland.org.nz/search/?query=FWMT




Living Roofs on Auckland’s Bus Shelters

Collaborative partner with Auckland Transport, PDP, Landcare Research and Natural Habitats to scope, design and install green roofs on bus shelters in Auckland. We are thrilled to have had the living bus shelters in Panmure and Diorella Road, Manurewa named a finalist for the Regenerating Nature category at the 2022 Sustainable Business Awards.

Client: Auckland Transport

Greening the AT Network: https://ourauckland.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/news/2022/12/the-secret-lives-of-our-streets-five-things-at-is-doing-to-make-our-streets-more-resilient/

Catchment Planning for Lake Waikere and the Whangamarino Wetland

Technical Science Lead for the collaborative development of the Lake Waikare and Whangamarino Catchment Management Plan.

Client: Waikato Regional Council

Transmission Gully Stormwater Reviews

Technical peer review of the stormwater management design for Transmission Gully.


Client: Greater Wellington Regional Council

A Catchment-Wide Life Cycle Cost Model for New Zealand

Development of a catchment scale stormwater treatment, riparian and erosion and sediment control life cycle costing model.

Client: Cawthron Institute Trust and NIWA

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Other Projects

  • Assisting the Bay of Plenty Regional Council with the review of stormwater provisions for proposed plan changes and structure plans within the region - Bay of Plenty Regional Council.
  • Quantification of life cycle carbon equivalent emissions for various green and grey stormwater treatment interventions for incorporation into Auckland Council's Freshwater Management Tool - Auckland Council.
  • Ongoing advice to Auckland Council on the optimisation of urban and rural structural and non-structural water quality interventions for their Freshwater Management Tool - Auckland Council.
  • Investigation into the barriers to implementing Water Sensitive Urban Design within the current Auckland planning framework - Auckland Council.
  • The calculation of life cycle costs for retrofitting green infrastructure into the road corridor - Tauranga City Council.
  • The development of a life cycle cost model for the Filterra rain garden system - Stormwater360.
  • Collaboratively working with Sapere to document and review, against best practice pricing principles, current stormwater pricing in New Zealand and recommendations for future pricing under a Three Waters structure - New Zealand Infrastructure Commission / Te Waihanga.
  • The identification and prioritisation of opportunities to retrofit green infrastructure within the roading corridor (including installing living roofs on bus shelters) - Auckland Transport.
  • Jointly with Landcare Research, scoping the development of a cost benefit analysis tool for green infrastructure - Ministry for the Environment.
  • Specialist advice, cost and benefit estimation for green roofs on bus stops. Project jointly undertaken with PDP and Landcare Research - Auckland Transport.
  • Working jointly with PDP to prioritise green infrastructure interventions, such as street trees, tree pits and green roofs, across the Auckland Transport Network.
  • Peer reviewer for Christchurch City Council’s urban and industrial stormwater cost benefit analyses, required for their Network Discharge Consent - Christchurch City Council.
  • Development of a library of life cycle costs and cost aggregation model for stormwater and wastewater solutions within the Porirua Whaitua - Greater Wellington Regional Council.
  • Development of a “Life Cycle Costing Model” (COSTnz) for stormwater management devices - Landcare Research.
  • A review of the sources of contaminants in Hastings and development of a Contaminant Management Strategy - Hastings District Council.
  • Research and writing a paper on the economic costs and benefits of low impact design - Aqua Terra International for inclusion into the Tauranga City Council LID manual.
  • Consultation facilitator for the Waitematā, Tāmaki and Manukau NDC applications (ongoing) - Auckland Council.
  • A review of the funding gap and alternative funding mechanisms for stormwater management in Auckland - Auckland Council.
  • Feedback on pilot and joint delivery of pilot National Green Infrastructure Certification Programme (NGICP) for Auckland Council.
  • External Peer Review of the Transit NZ Study: “Efficiency of Proprietary Devices for treating road runoff” - NIWA.
  • Construction and Maintenance costing of stormwater devices proposed for the Auckland Regional Botanic Gardens - Auckland Regional Council.
  • Development of a rural stormwater strategy for the Rodney District - Rodney District Council.
  • Development of a stormwater treatment prioritisation strategy for the Rodney District - Rodney District Council.
  • Continued capital works tracking, asset planning and consent advice to the stormwater department at RDC - Rodney District Council.
  • Specialist consent advice; stormwater and sediment control consent processing; network consent processing and management; assistance with and review of CMPs; review of stormwater design guidelines, and joint running of the TP10 Stormwater Course with Aqua Terra International Ltd - Auckland Regional Council.
  • Specialist stormwater treatment consent reviews - Environment Canterbury.
  • Specialist network discharge consent and stormwater discharge consent advice, policy advice and training – Network Consent Team and Natural Resources and Specialist Input -  Stormwater Team, Auckland Council.


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